Inner peace with ease

About us

  • Reinier
    After 20 years of spiritual practice and being a space engineer by heart, Reinier Bosman discovered that he can teach most of the people how they can enter an almost complete inner silence, at any place and moment. It proved to be a profound, robust state of inner peace.

He called this silent state the Presence. The Presence makes you more ‘present’. More awake, more aware.
He teaches how you can reach this silence in well under a minute.
The Presence has a stronger effect than what many other people call Presence. As it requires almost no effort, and can be achieved at will.

Presence 4 LifeTM method
Blown away by the simplicity, he developed a series of simple, powerful courses.  His greatest passion is to hand people the tools how they can incorporate Presence into their daily life.
Personal circumstances have made him stop the programme for a number of years. Recently he picked it up again, for those who are truly interested to know, and are looking for a better life.

Presence 4 Life foundation
Reinier offers events and courses where you can learn to lovingly relate to the sometimes challenging conditions of life, from an inner state of peace.
In the courses, much of what is told is knowledge. How do the mind and emotions work, what is their role to obtain a balanced way of life. Presence therefore requires insights, almost no practice. Having said that, Presence usually can be easily accessed, including under loud noise or commotion circumstances. This is in contrast with meditation, that usually needs to be practiced for years or rather decades,  in a silent place.

Reinier developed all the techniques that he teaches, and teaches these in the courses.