Inner peace in seconds

About us

  • Reinier
    15 years ago, following 20 years of spiritual practice and being a space engineer by heart, Reinier Bosman discovered he could teach others to enter an inner silent, peaceful state very easily.

He called this silent state the Presence, it makes one more ‘present’, more aware of oneself and the surroundings.
Almost everyone can learn it. Entering takes under a minute, after which it may last the remainder of the day.

Presence 4 Life method
Blown away by the simplicity, he developed a series of simple, powerful courses, the Presence 4 Life methodâ„¢.  His greatest passion is to point people how they can incorporate Presence into their daily life.
Circumstances made him stop the programme for a number of years. Now in 2020, renewed with energy, he picks up where he had left off.

Presence 4 Life foundation
offers events and courses that learn to lovingly relate to life from a state of inner peace.
Presence requires almost no practice, is easy accessible under almost any circumstance including loud noise or commotion. A striking contrast with meditation, that is usually done in peace and silence.

Reinier authors and conducts the online Experience evenings and course programmes.