Inner peace in seconds

Advanced Presence 2020/21

Some Practitioner course participants became permanent in their first course.
I then decided to teach Presence permanence in an Advanced course.

The Advanced Courses take Presence to the next level.
•  No daily practice, natural Presence
•  Inner peace in seconds
•  Four course blocks package
•  Covering important fields of Presence
•  Aimed at developing the Self
•  Integrating Presence in daily life

The Advanced one-year package builds an ever deeper level of Presence. Personal development is central to remove obstacles at different levels. Each participant walks his/her own journey.

True Presence develops further forever. With some distinct stages, these are not necessarily reached in a certain order, nor in a predictable timeframe. For true Presence to develop by itself, a certain permanent level of Presence, of awareness, alertness should be established.

The advanced program, with four course blocks in the year, is set up to bring this about. Each block pitches another achor in the ground. Approaching from a different angle it makes your Presence more rich, more stable, more understood, in a truest sense.

The first block is a 5-day silence retreat. To make your Presence an effortless state. Understanding and experiencing Presence at this level is a precious gift. The silence retreat brings its own little miracles.
This block being a silence retreat definitely does not mean that we do not talk. The Presence, of all methods, allows to experience the inner silence. And that is where we talk from.

The second block is about the body-mind. The mind is the vehicle for our thoughts. Fear and stress originate in the brain and lead to conflicts between thoughts. Perpetuated stress can then trigger a burnout. Presence can be of help. Stress and burnout will be influenced when unnecessary thought patterns drop away. We are going to found out.

The third block investigates the silence of the heart. The heart is our center of love, and of destructive emotions. These are an obstacle if you wish to remain in Presence. Trauma’s have much to do with this. Their habitual thought patterns prevent you to be free, and fully enjoy the fruits of life.
Where would trauma remain without protective barriers, that it constructed and knows so well?
We will exercise to see how Presence can be of help.

The fourth block seeks silence of the soul, in a 10-day long retreat. Our soul has a great influence on our life, that is not always fully appreciated. But why would we strive for a silent soul?
We will use deep silence, and share insights to see if our soul will merge, become whole again with its truest, highest self. Presence will have a beautiful role. This is a retreat that should not be missed. After 5 days opportunity to slip in or out if you wish to attend five days only.

Each block can also be followed on itself, there is no prior knowledge needed.

Advanced programme 2020/21:

WhenEvent name
Aug 8-12, 2020:5-day Silence retreat ‘Permanence in Presence’
Nov 14-16, 2020:3-day Advanced Practice course ‘Silence of the Body’
incl. how to deal with stress and burnout
Feb 12-14, 2021:3-day Advanced Practice course ‘Silence of the Heart’,
incl. how to deal with sickness and trauma
July 1 – 10, 2021:5 or 10-day Advanced Presence retreat ‘Silence of the Soul’,
Awakening into your true Self