Inner peace in seconds

Presence Programme

This page gives a summary of the events and courses.
Events and courses are for beginners and advanced, online, COVID-safe and very easy to join.

Experience the Presence first hand? In the Presence Experience eveningss we dive into this state of inner peace ourself.  Start your weekend perfectly relaxed. Or just try out what we teach in the Presence Practitioner course.

In the Presence Practioner two-day practical course you efectively get, very easily, access to the Presence. state of iner peace. This course is now given for a major discount, to support all during this difficult period. Also excellent to refresh your Presence techniques.

We conclude this summer with a five-day Silence Retreat. This first Advanced Presence block we will practice to remain permanently in the  Presence, without further efforts.
The other three annual Advanced blocks bring further deepening depths and richness of your Presence. Eack block can be done stand-alone with no prior knowledge.

Always wished to really master your life, or shine at your job? Become a Presence Professional. Learn to apply Presence when working with people, or to teach it to them. An individual growth trajectory, based on deep realization of Presence, customized to fit your specific needs.

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