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This page gives a summary of the events and courses that are offered.
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In 1 Day in the Presence, for one day you experience a beautiful state of inner peace.  You can feel the power of how the Presence feels, you can feel what you can do with it.  Such as to reduce stress, or to prevent unnecessary brooding on problems. During the day some interventions will be given that demonstrate how the Presence can be of help.
Everybody can participate in these events. For the further courses it is obliged to follow one of these Presence days first.

The Presence Practioner course hands you the tools how you can effectively, very easily, enter the Presence state of robust, inner peace by yourself.
The Presence Practitioner Course can be followed as a 4-day Bootcamp course for those that wish to dive into the Presence techniques all the way, with no delay.
For those that wish to learn and practice Presence in a more relaxed way, at their own pace, the course is given as a set of three 1,5-day Course blocks, that also can be followed individually but in the right order.

The Presence Practitioner course follows the Presence 4 Life method, developed by Reinier. It consists of a balanced mix of tools, theory and practice. Much is explained and demonstrated while practicing the techniques, which makes the teachings very simple to follow as well as very effective.
Its robustness allows to apply the Presence  under any situation, any circumstance of life. 

Above programme elements are under periodic revision and amendment, to serve you with an even higher quality.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The Calendar gives the planned dates and prices.
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