Inner peace in seconds

Inspirations from the Presence

The following video’s have been selected to raise curiosity about the Presence, how it relates to everyday life, and to catch a glimpse.

What is real peace?  At times it may appear that real peace cannot be achieved. Reinier investigates ideas we have about real peace, opposed to an inner state of peace, of Presence. Could Presence be a key to peace?

Dude perfect in2 the Presence  Reinier started the recording, notices something else wants to emerge, and just goes with the flow. You may notice something special about this video, you can experiment if it is different with your eyes closed.

So much beauty..   “There is so much beauty. Good listening, really listening, brings in the beauty. Beauty is, just really everywhere…” Reinier muses about where we can always find beauty, in our everyday life.

How to deal with a major problem?   “What’s the difference, between having to solve a problem not in the Presence, and having to do this in the Presence?” Reinier discusses how the mind works, and where Presence could come out handy.


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