Inner peace with ease

Presence Practitioner Course

  • The Practitioner Course teaches all necessary basic skills to have direct access to the Presence state of inner peace yourself.

Presence does not depend on peaceful surroundings.
Enter it in a loud and noisy bar, during jogging in the afternoon, in the middle of a conversation, before going to sleep. This only briefly interrupts what you were doing.

Presence is known to have lasted for hours, often for the remainder of the day, without effort needed to maintain it.

During the course you learn and practice:
•  Several portals to access the Presence
•  A do’s and don’ts model about how to stay in the Presence
•  How to overcome obstacles for Presence

What you may expect is a:
A multi-day course with fundamentals
Strongly anchored Presence skills
Good understanding of the Presence and techniques
Entering the Presence within one minute.

No advance knowledge is required for this course. Usually everybody with sincere desire to learn it is successful, but this cannot be guaranteed. To apply for the Practitioner course it is necessary to have followed one of the ‘1 Day in the Presence’ events.

The Presence Practitioner Course can be followed in two ways, as a:
Bootcamp  (learn Presence without delay)
3-blocks course  (learn Presence at your own pace, more relaxed)