Inner peace in seconds

Presence Practitioner Course

The Practitioner Course teaches to directly access the Presence state of inner peace.
Hop in to learn this, to renew Presence skills, further deepen your Presence, or to make it more firm.
Bring a friend, or give the course as a gift. This might be a life experience.

Presence does not depend on peaceful surroundings. You can enter it in a loud and noisy bar,  amid a Formula-1 race, in a conversation, lying in your bed. While you just continue what you did.

Presence is known to have lasted for hours, or up to three days, without any effort to maintain it, though ‘three days’ is not for everyone.

We will practice
•  Several portals giving access to Presence
•  A model explaining not getting into Presence
•  Overcoming obstacles to get in

What you may expect is:
•  Good understanding of the Presence and techniques
•  A significantly reduced price (Covid support)
•  A handout with the techniques, additional tips and exercises.

If you first want to know what the Presence is, come experience it live in one of the Info- and Experience evenings. If you seek more, the Advanced or Professionals might be for you.