Inner peace with ease

Presence Professionals

Do you want to be:
Professional master? Health care workers, therapists, masseuses, construction workers, managers, CEO’s, sportsmen, medical docters: Presence can
•  Decrease stress, discomfort, negative emotion
•  Improve focus, relations, impact on your client, communication
•  Fully integrate Presence into your pactice.

Presence master? To further unfold spiritual awakening, become a Presence coach/trainer, to relieve obstacles in your life like stress, major disease, burnout, or trauma. Presence can
•  Step by step uncover the true, authentic self
•  Bring more mental stability
•  Decrease stress, discomfort, negative emotion.

What can you expect
The Professionals trajectory is an investment in your self. Based on the Advanced course it continues to:
•  Profound mastering of Presence
•  Increase functioning at work with Presence
•  Improving a feeling of wellbeing
•  Sharing and teaching Presence to others or dear ones

All improvements come from a deeper understanding of Presence:
•  Repeated increase of Presence skills and insights
•  Coached analyzing and practicing
•  Group and individual goals teachings
•  Repeated individual support.

The trajectory
Development of the Self is priority #1 to understand life and overcome obstacles for Presence. The four Advanced blocks are fully set up to that purpose. We recommend to follow all these blocks.

Every professional starts with an intake to formulate the individual needs, set goals and select ingredients to realize them. For instance (all courses as professional)
•  Two or three selected courses with additional coaching
•  One year of Advanced- and professionals courses
•  Following events as (professional) assistant.

Trajectory ingredients
Attending Practitioner and Advanced course blocks as Pro will accelerate growth because each day we will evaluate it in the evening with the Pro’s. To gain better understanding of the Presence processes, blocking mechanisms and resolutions.

Each attended Practitioner or Advanced block has one extra day for Pro’s only. This day will be dedicated to refresh momentum in each Pro’s individual path. These days can also be joined without the course.

Twice a year a three-day Professionals Course block will be given. Topics will support the group and individual goals. Rich with practice, analysis, Pro intervision sessions. And individual coaching by Reinier.

If you feel for Presence, or want to apply Presence as coach or trainer, you can assist in the programme as part of your Professionals trajectory. If you contact us we can look how we can best combine your qualities and goals with the programme.

Creating a better future. In this world. Together.
The Professionals trajectory is to study, work on ourself. Together, further and further enhancing our individual- and professional mastery.

In Presence,
Reinier Bosman
Presence 4 Life.